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The Best Stag Do Ideas for a Stag Weekend in the UK

A stag Do is a party that is normally held for a groom shortly before he gets married. The best man is the individual that is put in charge of organizing a stag Do party. In the past, stag Do parties were a low maintenance affair, an aspect that has greatly changed as they have now become something that requires great planning. Stag parties all too often get a bad reputation for being poorly planned, boozy weekends aimed at humiliating the groom as much as possible, although there are some stag Do ideas that you can try out to get the best weekend out ever that would also suit the needs and preferences of all parties involved.

Therefore, if you have been given the honor of being a best man, you should look for the best stag Do ideas that will please everyone, throw in some few beers and a lot of laughs, and you will without a doubt be applauded for being the best man ever having done a great job. Below are some of the best stag Do ideas you should try out on a stag weekend in the UK.

One stag Do idea you should try out is match fixtures a weekend away. If you and the lads are sports enthusiasts, you should consider going for a match fixture as it would be an ultimate weekend getaway. When picking from the various fixtures available, you may need to involve your group in the decision-making process to ensure that you pick a sport that is most favorable for everyone. Once you pick a favorite sport for your group, you should find out when the team of playing next and make all the necessary arrangements in terms of booking with a dedicated sports travel agency that offers great packages for flights, accommodation, match-day tickets as well as stadium tours. Find the best guides on stag do at or continue reading more info.

The other stag Do idea you should try out to enjoy your stag weekend is extreme adventure activities especially if you would like to get some adrenaline rush before heading out to the town. There is a wide range of extreme adventure activities you can choose from ranging from obstacle courses, high ropes, archery, rafting, basic caveman haunting to off-road buggies depending on your group’s preferences. Such stag weekends are a guaranteed banter and also a great way of achieving some serious lad bonding as you will all rally together to complete some tasks.

Alternatively, you can decide to go for boat and river cruise trips and captain yourself for the weekend. Additionally, you can opt to go on-board one of the dedicated boats that have restaurants and bars to ensure that your stag weekend is a memorable one. Continue reading more on this here:

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